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Her Forgotten Halo

An angelic novella...

Dex and Lexi have been tasked with helping Kylie Wilson remember who she truly is. Kylie may be married with three kids, but if she doesn’t remember that she is an angel soon, she will lose more than her family. Will she remember in time?

Below are the first two chapters as well as the link to pre-order your copy today!

Chapter One

During rush hour traffic, on a Wednesday afternoon, two gray mourning doves were sitting on a lamp post on Main Street in Beach City, California. One of the doves became agitated and pecked at the other dove. This started a fight between the two which caused them to swirl in the air and a few feathers to descend to the street below. As the fight progressed, one of the doves managed to escape from the chaotic battle and began to fly away. The other dove followed. As they were about to land in an isolated alley, they each transformed into human form. One was male, and the other was female.

“Dex, did you really have to pull on my eyelashes? You know I can’t stand it when you do that?”

“Lexi, that was the only way I could get your attention. We need to talk.”

 “About what?”

“Kylie Wilson,” Dex said flatly.

Lexi’s shoulders sagged then she acknowledged softly. “Oh.”

“Right,” Dex nodded slowly. “Do you think she will remember in time?”

“I hope so,” Lexi admitted.

“Maybe, we should help her?”

“I was thinking the same.”

“Even though we aren’t supposed to?” Dex asked. His voice was full of doubt and defeat.

“Absolutely,” Lexi said with her chin up, shoulders back, suddenly full of determination and confidence.

Kylie Wilson was sitting in a booth at The Golden Tiger Palace Restaurant with her three kids and husband. They had just finished eating and was waiting for the waiter to return with the bill. Kylie knew it was supposed to be a joyous occasion, but all she could manage was a barely audible groan. The family wanted her to be happy on her birthday. Usually, she had no problem pretending in order to please them, but for some inexplicable reason, she just couldn’t pull the pretention out of her today. She was told she was forty-five years old, but no one really knew for certain.

She had no other family that she could recall… only the four people sitting with her now. Charlie, her five-year-old daughter, noticed her sadness and decided to climb onto her lap. She wrapped her tiny arms around Kylie’s neck and kissed her cheek. “Mommy, don’t be sad. It’s your birthday. Be happy.”

“I am happy sweetie,” Kylie said, but her tone sounded so weak.

“What’s up Ky?” Thomas, her husband, asked. His light brown eyes gazed at her.

“Nothing,” she shook her head in denial. As she did so, her amber curl ringlets bounced, and some hit the side of her cheek. One curl managed to escape from the mass of others and fell across her forehead. It landed between her large hazel eyes. She crossed her eyes then blew the curl. This only caused additional ringlets to loosen and fall across her forehead. Her daughter giggled but pushed the curls back to the top to her mother’s head. “Thank you,” Kylie whispered to Charlie then kissed her forehead. “Your laugh always makes me happy.”

“Oh brother,” Sarah said in her fifteen-year-old naturally bitter attitude. “Anything Charlie does makes you happy. I just look at you, and I make you cranky.”

“It happens when you open your mouth too,” Tommy said.

Thomas chuckled.

“Don’t encourage them to argue Thomas,” Kylie pleaded.

Tommy was ten and the only son in the family.

Thomas cleared his throat then in his fatherly commanding voice said, “Enough you two. No bickering today, especially while we are here to celebrate your mom’s birthday. Got it?”

“Whatever,” Sarah said with a grumble. “I didn’t even do anything.”

“So…” Kylie was trying to think of something to change the subject, “how’s work?”

“Good,” Thomas answered. She hoped he had more to say but he stopped with that.

“Any new cases?” Kylie pried, desperate for something to talk about.

“As a matter of fact, yes. Someone hired me to find his wife that has been missing for over five weeks.”

“Woe,” Tommy said, “Can I help you find her?”

“I don’t think that is a good idea,” Kylie said, even though she wanted to ask Thomas the same exact question.

Before Thomas could respond, the waiter returned with the bill and five fortune cookies. Charlie, who was still sitting on Kylie’s lap, reached across the table and grabbed a fortune cookie. She handed it to Kylie. “Here you go Mommy.”

“Thank you,” Kylie said as she accepted the cookie from her daughter’s hand.

“Open it,” Charlie demanded excitedly.

Kylie shrugged her shoulders then carefully cracked open the cookie. She pulled the small strip of paper then read it aloud, “Beware of those who collect feathers.” Kylie frowned and blinked. In the brief moment that her eyes were closed while blinking, Kylie saw a flash of a white room and feathers with dust. She shook her head. Strange, she thought.

Thomas snorted.

Sarah rolled her eyes while Tommy and Charlie each said, “Woe…”

Thomas pulled out his debit card then placed it on top of the bill.

As they waited once again for the waiter to return, Kylie stared out at the window. That was when she noticed two gray mourning doves perched on the windowsill of one the large restaurant windows. They appeared to be staring straight at her. When they saw her staring back at them, they began coo cooing… over and over again… as if they were trying to tell her something. 



Later that night, after the kids went to bed, Kylie and Thomas were relaxing on the couch in the living room. Thomas was sitting in the middle while Kylie was to his right. He patted his lap, signaling Kylie to turn and plop her legs on his lap. “So, what’s going on Kylie? Why so sad today?”

Kylie sighed. “Just that usual feeling I get every once in a while… like I’m forgetting something important. Or maybe it’s someone important.”

“We’ve been over this. You may never remember who you were before. Maybe it’s better that way. We have a good life now. Why disrupt it?”

“Look at it from my side though… how would you feel if you forgot who your parents and family are? They are a big part of your life Thomas… a big part of all of our lives but… for some reason… I don’t remember anything about my family… it’s not right.”

“I get it… I do…” Thomas began massaging her bare feet.

Kylie groaned from pure satisfaction. “That feels so good.”

“It’s supposed to,” Thomas said. He always said that when he gave her any type of massage.

“Do you ever have regrets?” Kylie asked as he continued to knead her feet.

“Not with you… if that’s what you’re asking,” Thomas said.

“Ever think about how we met?”

“Always… you literally fell from the sky,” Thomas shook his head, recalling the warm sunny day. He and his former partner had just walked out of a bar when she fell only a few feet away from him. The building was two stories. She landed on her back but hit her head on the bottom of a lamp post. “We still don’t know if you jumped from the building or if someone pushed you. You were lucky you only had a few bruises.”

“But let’s not forget the memory loss… do you actually consider that lucky?” Kylie asked.

“For me… yes. I was lucky you fell in front of me. You’re everything to me Ky,” Thomas said, a little choked up.

“You know I feel the same about you…” Kylie reassured him. “I don’t know… It seems like birthdays are getting harder every year. You know?”

Thomas nodded. “If you’re worried about getting older, don’t. You still look as if you’re in your twenties.” He grinned. “And no gray yet… that’s amazing.”

Kylie frowned and shook her head. Something was nagging at her, but she couldn’t quite figure out what it was.

They were silent for a few minutes. Kylie decided to let go of the negative unclear thoughts and just enjoy the moment she was having now with her husband. Kylie leaned her head back and enjoyed the foot massage Thomas provided.

“So…” Kylie finally spoke, “Tell me more about your new case.”

“Well, as I said at the restaurant, a husband is trying to find his missing wife.”

“When was the last time he saw her?”

“A little over a month ago.”

Kylie frowned. “She’s been missing for over a month, and he’s just now coming to you?”

Thomas raised his eyebrows, “That’s what I said… but in his defense, the police have been looking into it too. He just feels like they aren’t doing enough.”

“So what’s his name? What’s his wife’s name?”

Thomas groaned. “I don’t know if I should tell you. I don’t want you to meddle.”

Kylie gasped then denied, “I do not meddle.”

Thomas stopped massaging her feet but rested his arms on her shins. He squinted his eyes at her.

“I don’t,” Kylie argued.

“You do… and last time you dragged the kids into it,” he shook his head but said, “I will tell you, but I really don’t want you to meddle. Got it?”

She nodded.

“My client is Peter Hawkins. His wife is Cleo Hawkins.”

“Where did he last see her?”

“They had met for lunch at a restaurant across the street from his job. Kylie had got into her car, and that was it.”

“Hmmm…” Kylie said.

“No…” Thomas demanded, “no hmmm… no guessing… no googling… no nothing.”

“Double negative is a positive,” Kylie grinned.

Thomas narrowed his eyes at her. “A negative plus a negative is negative.”

“But multiplied it’s a positive…” Kylie’s grin became wider. “I can look her up on the internet and see what pops up,” Kylie offered.

Thomas knew no matter what he said Kylie would meddle. She always meddled if there was a case that interested her. Missing person cases always peaked her interest. “Fine,” Thomas resigned. “But, you tell me everything you find out. You do not under any circumstances start snooping around alone.”

“So… I can go with you to snoop?” Kylie asked. She moved her legs off of Thomas’s thighs then shifted to stand. She began to pace in front of Thomas. “First, I will find out all I can online. Then tomorrow, we can go to the same restaurant he last saw her.”

Thomas groaned. “Fine.”

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