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The books listed below are available on Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com.

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The Captain's Son

Romantic Fiction- novella

Raymond Jackson, Jr., returns to Palm Hills, California, years after a misunderstanding with his father which caused a wedge between his family. His father passed away a year and a half ago, so he feels it's time to make amends.

His brother also suggests Ray makes amends with his father's girlfriend, Cass, as well. He knows it will be a challenge but believes family and friends are worth fighting for.

What Ray didn't expect was to fall for Cass, whom his father had planned to marry before he passed away. He's determined to make her his, but will she see things his way?

Her Forgotten Halo

Science Fiction/Fantasy- novella

Dex and Lexi have been tasked with helping Kylie Wilson remember who she truly is. Kylie may be married with three kids, but if she doesn’t remember that she is an angel soon, she will lose more than her family. Will she remember in time?

Captain of My Heart

Romantic Fiction- novella

Cass never imagined she would be attracted to someone thirty years older than she was. But when Captain Raymond Jackson entered her backyard, she felt as if a lightning bolt struck her. With the face of Sam Elliot and the body of the Rock, how could she not be attracted? They decided to get to know each other better, and Cass soon learns there are a few secrets Ray is keeping from her. Will their relationship be strong enough to survive?

Tug of Love

Romantic Fiction

Fresh and fully charged, this sexy romp examines the institution of marriage after a little of the afterglow has worn off. When one couple falls into the "you do your thing, and I'll do mine," trap, all bets are off, and what was once a love connection becomes a tug of war-- or a tug of love-- depending on how you choose to look at it.

Deirdre and Rick have it all. Equally successful, they have two beautiful children and a lot to look forward to. That is until Rick begins looking forward to the time he spends with another woman. Having read the writing on the wall, Deirdre is not all that surprised and soon enough turns the other cheek to find herself falling in love with Garret, a dangerously handsome new coworker. When Rick begins to have second thoughts, Deirdre is decidedly torn between the love of her husband and what just might be the love of her life.



Childrens Book by Tyler Lumas and Giselle Lumas

Charlie, a mouse detective, is busy eating a donut and talking to his boss when they hear a strange and loud noise. Charlie wanders outside to see what it is. He discovers that Comet has fallen into their dumpster. But why and how? When Comet explains that a wicked squirrel is plotting to take over the North Pole there is only one thing Charlie and his boss must do... Save Christmas! 

Journal of a Cymbal Player- Freshman Year

Young Adult, Fiction

Jackie Roberts (nickname Jacks) is 5’4”, weighs 115 pounds, fourteen and just entered high school. She’s still flat chested and feels like an alien when compared to other girls on campus. To avoid a regular physical education class she decides to join the marching band under the advice of her cousin.

Her English teacher, Mrs. Lovegood, assigns everyone in her class to begin keeping a journal on a daily basis. She doesn’t like the idea of writing everyday even if it is only eight minutes out of a day. Jackie feels tortured trying to come up with five sentences per day as well.

As an introvert, Jackie has a hard time fitting in but it seems even harder as a cymbal player. She questions where she belongs with the band. She must maintain a “C” average to stay in the band, which is something she is struggling with. Her cousin comes back to visit during Christmas break to challenge her even more. She is in search of a voice to shout her desire to control more of what happens in her life, her body, her friends… she wants to be heard and understood.

She soon realizes her journal is her voice.

Melody's Blues

Romantic Fiction

Melody and Reggie's relationship has skipped passed the fresh and exciting phase. Now that her favorite cousin is getting married she is starting to feel the pressure for marriage. She is resisting it with all of her might. Reggie isn't giving up so easily knowing that she is the one for him. He wants to get to the bottom of what's holding her back. He soon discovers the root of Melody's fears but will she be strong enough and ready to stand up and face them?

Sandy Times

Young Adult, Romantic Fiction

In this day and age one would believe that skin color would not matter but in this coming of age novel, Sandra Ray learns that it still matters in a painful way. Although she is twenty three, attends college full time and works as a sales associate, she has a little growing up to do. She realizes she can’t live with her sister and brother-in-law forever and is angry and bitter for feeling a lack of control of what happens in her life. When her sister and brother-in-law try to set her up with a successful Pediatrician she resists with all her might. It’s the one thing she believes she can control… or can she?


Love Stories: Short and Sweet (some with a little tart)

Romantic Fiction

Compilation of romantic short stories previously featured on this website. Currently available exclusively through Amazon Kindle.

Malique's Quest


Malique Laveaux is a fifteen year old misfit with multi-toned skin. He's an orphan and often spends time alone until one day he runs into a flower shop. There, he meets the owner, Sokie Roberts and her ten year old niece, Lani. He feels connected to them somehow. As time progresses, Lani informs Malique she has dreams about him. One of the dreams includes him aboard a ship being manhandled by two burly men demanding he take his shirt off so they can see the map on his back. Then strange things start to happen. One of the most beautiful girls from school, Clarissa Jones, suddenly takes notice of Malique. Even a Professor of History turns up on his doorstep claiming to be an old friend of his biological mother. The professor also insists that his sister is still alive. Is his sister truly alive? Could the pattern on Malique's skin actually be a map?

Truth or Dare

Supermodel Cheyenne Gauthier returns to Beach City, California after ten years of living in the glamorous life. She is eager to get back home and be reunited with her childhood friends. Her friends though aren’t so easily to be persuaded to pick up where they left off. Particularly, Mark Robinson, her very best friend. He has some wounds from her run away that needs to heal. Ironically, she is the only one who can heal them.

Memories of their childhood flash across Cheyenne’s mind. On her twelfth birthday, her friends played a game of truth or dare. She recalled Mark daring her to ask him to marry her on his thirtieth birthday. Was he serious?


The Break Room Crew (Claire, Roberta, and James) at Robinson's Software and Design have placed a bet during the Holiday season. Mostly, because Claire has decided it is her mission to help her boss, Sarah Alexander, find love. Well, the reality is she wants to set her boss up with her brother, Jeremy Buchanan, in hopes to make her boss a little more perkier during the holiday season. James doesn't think Sarah is capable of love. Roberta thinks Claire may be on to something.

Will Sarah go on a date and kiss Jeremy by Thanksgiving? Will Jeremy propose to Sarah by Christmas Day?

Claire is betting and determined to win.


Alida Dubois has spent her entire life doing what is expected of her. When a two million dollar mistake happens under her watch at Alliance Global Benefits Distribution, she is expected to provide the information of how the mistake happened as well as the name of who caused it. Alida explains what happened but refuses to provide the name of who caused it. She impulsively quits instead. Thus, causing her universe to shift and things suddenly happen in her favor. She remembers what truly makes her happy and decides she’s going to live her life her way.

Jack “The Hammer” Williams is the Vice President, who is in charge of figuring out how the two million dollar mistake happened. He is used to asking the tough questions and getting the answers immediately. Alida is the first person to refuse to answer him. When she quits, he is charged with bringing her back to the company. As he gets to know her though, he decides he wants her all to himself.

Will Jack be included in Alida’s new life?